Finding a Trust Building Maintenance Service

Let’s face it, you know who you trust. Finding a new individual or service provider to add to that special group can be a challenge – and locating a reliable building maintenance and janitorial services provider is no different. What’s an individual to do?

Thankfully, there are some known pathways to trusted providers. Today, we offer this easy checklist of ideas for your reference as you look for customized facility janitorial or building maintenance services. Check up on your current provider, or check out a new one – either way this list will be of help!

Checklist for reviewing the trustworthiness of a building cleaning company:

Building Service Contractors Association International – BSCAI membership and designation is awarded to companies engaged in providing building services with a variety of professional facility types. Check their web site at and search by provider name for detailed information including building and facility types serviced. 

Clean Trust (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC) – another important resource is Clean Trust. Janitorial services companies engage in ongoing training in a variety of specialties and look to this provider for up-to-date education and certification for their team members. Find the Clean Trust trademark/designation on a building maintenance provider’s site and you know that they are keen on employee safety and knowledge.  IICRC values include Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence and Expertise.

Restoration Industry Association – this non-profit professional trade association supports building maintenance and restoration service company members with current best practices information and other services. Ask about this membership designation for an extra note of trust.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp – many online search engines and directories offer a ‘reviews’ section in which you can find opinion and insight from the public in the form of text comments and even photos. Since no membership is required to share information (only a simple and free account setup) you may find a variety of comments from past customers or those interacting with the business you are reviewing. Be sure to look for the company’s response to any public comments – sometimes you can tell more about a company by the reply they offer to a reviewer than anything else!

A trusted associate or friend – one of our favorite ways to check out a business is to get the opinion of a colleague we respect (or two). Being in-the-know is easy after a few short inquiries with business associates who have experience hiring or working with contractors, especially when it comes to a contract with long-term expectations. Some questions to ask include how many years the business has been contracted, whether your associate believes they provide a consistent level of service, whether the company provides a quality assurance program and how individual team members from the service-providing firm perform individually – are they satisfied?

Local Achievement Awards – last, but certainly not least, check with your local Chamber of Commerce or other local business associations. You’ll likely find annual or other timely awards given to those local professionals providing outstanding service to other local businesses. You don’t necessarily need to know someone to inquire, but you may have the pleasure of getting in touch with other experienced business owners of all kinds in your geographic area. This is a great way to reach out and learn while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

We hope this quick review put your mind at ease. Finding a building maintenance or janitorial business that is trustworthy and reliable may seem like a challenge, but with these stress-free tips you’ll be sure to enjoy the inquiry process, grow your knowledge and come away truly informed. All you really need to remember is that a building maintenance and cleaning service provider who regularly exceeds expectations is the one to call! Good luck!