HEPA Filters Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms for Office Workers

Leadens Building Maintenance not only provides quality customized janitorial and supplemental cleaning services; we also regularly look to include progressive and healthy cleaning strategies among our service offerings. One important practice we include in our cleaning approach is the use of HEPA in the office cleaning process. When we vacuum, we use all HEPA filters which reduce particulates in the air and therefore will lessen the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms among building employees.

HEPA filters are chiefly beneficial for the health of allergy and asthma sufferers because fine mesh in the filter structure works to trap allergy-inducing particulates such as pollen, dust, dander and even smoke. Removing these fine particles from the air on a regular basis through scheduled building janitorial services maintains overall office air cleanliness, reducing symptoms in workers and thereby preventing additional sick days.

Leadens insists on the highest level of quality in office cleaning, and that's why we maintain a well-trained workforce and include the use of contemporary best practices such as HEPA filters when cleaning. You can trust Leadens Building Maintenance to provide excellence in building and office janitorial services.

For more information, visit WebMD and view this article about HEPA filters.

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