Best Questions to Ask an Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service

In recent years, many businesses have turned to green cleaning practices within their own processes. In doing so, companies have begun to request similar environmentally-friendly procedures from their service providers, including commercial cleaning and janitorial services. If this is important to you and your business philosophy, it’s vital to understand what those eco-friendly practices entail, as well as the overall cost-benefit. Additionally, it is helpful to have some primary questions to ask when discussing natural or environmentally safe cleaning and janitorial with a service provider.

Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Service Questions to Ask:

What does green mean to you? Get started by asking the first question before setting out: decide what business needs you want to satisfy. Are they environmental preservation, reducing work environment hazards, improving employee health or all of these?

What are industry standards? Before meeting with individual service firms, check out cleaning practices and trends. What are some practices you find mentioned frequently? What is unique to the commercial janitorial group of your choice? Does this company employ best practices in environmentally friendly efforts?

How does a provider define their eco-friendly practices? When viewing a web site, brochures and other content provided by the commercial cleaning service, does their presentation and language simply include the word “green”, or do they explore and explain their practices fully?

Are the cleaning products safe? This may seem elementary, but a product claiming to be green may not be truly healthy for your employees or the environment at large. Ask about product ingredients and reasoning behind cleaning product selection.

How does the janitorial service select and use mitts, mops and towels? One straightforward and often missed eco-friendly strategy is limiting usage, either directly or with the use of particular tools or techniques. Ask about the use of recycled fiber products, microfiber and other materials.

What type of vacuum strategy is employed? Vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, but a chiefly beneficial choice is a vacuum with HEPA filtration. HEPA vacuuming will save your business time and money by reducing allergens which can directly affect employee health.

Is the company direction an innovative one? Notice the conversation topics, affiliations, memberships and strategies discussed when you meet. Does this service firm stand out as a leader, evaluating and including improved products and cleaning techniques as they become available?

There are many benefits to engaging in environmentally-friendly practices when it comes to building maintenance and janitorial service. We hope these questions have helped you to decide on commercial cleaning practices and a company that is right for you!

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