Professional Cleaning Benefits of Microfiber

Microfiber cleaning products are relatively new to the American market, and are worthy of consideration for a variety of cleaning applications. Unlike traditional fibers which produce a pushing or dispersing action during cleaning, microfiber has many tiny gaps within the fiber construction which accept and trap particles on contact. Making the switch to microfiber offers many benefits in the cleaning process:

Traps fine particles Microfiber cleaning products are typically developed as a combination of polyester and polyamide (nylon), which are durable and can offer a small static charge to attract dust and fine particles

Helps to meet health guidelines – Because of their ease of use and replacement, microfiber mop cloths may be replaced as frequently as after an individual room cleaning, allowing for particular health standards to be met

Cleans delicate surfaces – Microfiber may be used on delicate surfaces, easily attracting dust and debris particulates and effortlessly protecting surfaces from scratches that can occur with a less porous cleaning material

Improvement for allergies – Allergens are quickly trapped within microfiber, allowing for a more consistently allergen-reduced environment

Detergent compatible – Most cleaning detergents can be used with microfiber products (check manufacturer labels); but bleach and microfiber should not be used together

A green solution – a microfiber mop uses much less water than a typical cotton mop, reducing the impact of the cleaning process on the environment

Microfiber cleaning products, including cleaning cloths, dust mitts and dust mops will increase productivity and quality of results in the professional cleaning process. Consider this easy switch to improve your cleaning results today!


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