Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Using Viral Disinfection Services

At Leadens Building Maintenance, we are a full-service building maintenance provider, offering not only customized commercial cleaning, but EPA and CDC approved disinfecting services for your business. Our services are available across Minnesota. Including the Minneapolis St. Paul area. The biggest concern today is the health and safety of those around us, while the coronavirus threat continues.

These are unprecedented times for all of us. Learning how to navigate through this environment filled with uncertainty is stressful. At Leadens Building Maintenance, we specialize in disinfecting commercial properties to stop the spread of COVID-19. Our specialists are prepared to provide businesses, small or large, with timely, reliable, and safe virus disinfection services that fit within your schedule.

Why Should I Get My Property Not Only Cleaned but Also Disinfected?

Today, traditional cleaning methods just aren’t enough to combat viruses such as COVID-19. Proper disinfecting is needed to achieve a safe environment for your facility. With the right service provider by your side, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for your customers, staff, and loved ones. We offer state-of-the art full facility disinfecting of all levels including ambient air and vertical surfaces.

What COVID-19 Cleaning Services Does LBM Offer?

We offer a wide array of professional commercial cleaning and disinfecting services to help keep pathogens at bay. Commercial cleaning and disinfecting services are available for properties including: 

  • Schools
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail Outfits
  • Offices
  • Restaurants 
  • Warehouses
  • Factories 

Protecting Business Properly

At Leadens Building Maintenance, we understand the risk that COVID-19 poses and have professionally trained technicians. The protective gear our techs wear and the specialized equipment they use meet strict health and safety protocols. Our disinfecting methods follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for hazardous materials.  

Our company offers a two-step viral disinfection and decontamination process as recommended by the CDC as the proper process for cleaning and disinfecting.  Using products and equipment proven to kill COVID-19 and other viruses and are registered on the EPA “N” list.