Together as a Team, We Will Overcome

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At Leadens Building Maintenance we have learned that we all need to adapt to the changing conditions of the world. This is happening in ways our employees and customers have never seen.

Our team has implemented daily strategic protocols with the goal to drastically decrease the chances of viruses and diseases being spread.  We take our work very seriously, and understand the importance of customer service, which during COVID-19 starts with safety. 

Without proper precautionary measures taken by all of us each day, we would fall into the “just another cleaning service” category, and that’s not the case. At Leadens Building Maintenance, we go above and beyond in all aspects of our work to ensure your facility is a safe and comfortable environment. Included among these is proper hand washing policy – in fact, it’s the first thing we implement in each facility we clean – because without this our cleaning and disinfecting services cannot make a significant impact. 

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